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Longest Day Of The Year 2017 – Date Worldwide

The Longest Day of the Year 2017

Hello friends, do you want to know which the longest day of the year is? The longest day of the year is generally marked by the summer solstices. The summer solstice is the day in the month of June when the day is the longest. This post shares the date and day of the longest day of 2017. On this day, the sun-rays fall perpendicularly to the tropic of the Caner. This day means summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It means winter solstice in the countries of Southern Hemisphere. 

Nextfullmooncalendar also gives dates of all the full moon. You can refer our sites to know the full moon dates. Full moon January, full moon June, and full moon September are updated on our site.
Further, in this post, you will find how the dates vary. The date of the longest day of the year varies every year. The longest day also means that the season will start changing. The northern hemisphere changes season from spring to summer. The southern hemisphere changes season from autumn to winter after the longest day of the year. Similarly, our site also contains dates of the shortest day of the year. Now, find the exact timings and the dates of the summer solstice 2017.

when is the longest day of the year

When Is The Longest Day 2017

Due to the time differences, the longest day of the year falls on different dates in different time zones. We have given here the time and date of occurrence of the summer solstice in major time zones of the world. The below date are also known as the first day of summer 2017-03-19

Summer Solstices of the Year 2017:

·         GMT/UTC: 20th June 2016, 4.30 AM
·         EST: 19th June 2016, 11.30 PM
·         EDT: 20th June 2016, 0.30 AM
·         IST: 20th June 2016, 10.00 AM

If you belong to any other time zone, you can calculi ate your time and date. Know the time difference between your region and the GMT or UTC timings. This will allow you to calculate the date and time of the first day of summer in your own region. The same will be the longest day of 2017 in your region.

when is summer solstice

When Is Summer

When the summer solstice occurs, the summer season starts setting on. It normally starts around 19th of 20th June. This year the summer will start on 20th of June 2017. Also note, the same day will start the season of winter in countries like Australia, and New Zealand.

In some regions, the date of the start of the summer is 21st June. This happens due to the time difference. The summer season remains until September when the fall equinox or autumn equinox occurs.

First Day of Summer

 The longest day of the year is also the first day of summer. The day is very significant astronomically. It also has a great significance in different religions and cultures. The day is generally co-related with the agricultural activities as well. The strawberry festival is celebrated in Sweden on the first day of the summer season. The festival is also now popular in other countries. The festival brings the season of harvesting strawberries. 

Generally, the first days of all the seasons share a cultural or agricultural importance. The start of the summer season is also a start of the vacations and picnics. The longest day of the year also bring the longest vacations for the schools and colleges in the northern hemisphere. We will soon bring details on the shortest day of the year. Also, keep visiting us to know the dates of September equinox and next full moon. Remember us to get the full moon calendar 2017. Kids can also refer our site for the educational purpose. The site also explains all the moon phases and the moon cycles.

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Phases Of The Moon: Moon Phase Tonight

Phases Of Moon 

Phases of the Moon are also known as lunar phases. The moon phases refer to the shape of the moon which is illuminated and seen from the earth. The phases run in a regular cycle according to the moon orbiting the earth. The moon phases are also known as the changing positions of the moon in relation to the earth. It is basically the rotation of the moon around the earth. nextfullmooncalendar also updates on the next full moon dates. You can check out the full moon dates and the full moon tonight for every month. In this post, we will show you all the phases of the moon

As the moon revolves around our planet, the half of the moon that is against the sun gets illuminated. The illuminated portion keeps on taking different shapes. The phases of the moon are the different cycles of the moon. Each phase of the moon is repeated after every 29.5 days. Hence, we see the full moon and blue moon once in a month.

Next full moon

phases of the moon

Phases of the Moon Calendar

The phases of the moon are the eight different phases or stages through which the moon goes during a month.

New Moon

New moon phase means the moon is not at all seen from the earth. This phase takes place when the moon is directly between the Sun and the Earth. The solar eclipse can happen only during the new moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is the second phase of the moon. During this phase, the moon looks like a shape of a crescent and it keeps on increasing day by day. This phase is seen from the west direction.

First Quarter Moon | Half Moon

This phase is happening when half of the illuminated portion is seen immediately after the waxing crescent moon.

moon phase tonight

Waxing Gibbous Moon 

This phase of the moon is taking place when more than half of the illuminated portion is seen. Immediately after this phase, the Moon starts increases. This is the period between the first quarter and full moon.

Full Moon Phase 

The full moon is the most popular and significant moon phase. It is the stage when we see the moon as completely lit. This occurs when our satellite is on the opposite side. A lunar eclipse can happen at this time.

Waning Gibbous 

This phase takes place when more than half of the illuminated part of the moon is visible. After this phase, the shape of the moon starts decreasing.

Last Quarter Moon | Half Moon 

When half of the illuminated part is visible, the last quarter moon takes place.

Waning Crescent 

During this phase, the moon seems like the crescent. The crescent shape starts decreasing in size after this.

What is Blue Moon

A blue moon is an extra full moon phase that happens in a year's subdivision. This is called the second full moon in a common moon calendar. This has nothing to do with the color of the moon. But the color of the moon appears with a tinge of blue only during certain atmospheric conditions. These conditions may include volcanic eruption on the moon.

We are sure you are now familiar with all the phases of the moon. The moon is significant for us as per many concepts. It is significant from the cultural, religious, ritual, and astronomical point of view. Keep visiting us to learn more about the next full moon, new moon, and moon phases. 

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When Is The Next Full Moon 2017

Next Full Moon Dates and Time

A full moon is a lunar phase when the moon is seen completely illuminated from our planet. This post shares the date of when is the next full moon 2017. The full moon has a several cultural and religious significance. Hence, a very large number of people from all over the world are searching for the dates and timings of the full moon. This post shares information on when is the next full moon of the year 2017. The full moon is a monthly phenomenon and hence we have shown dates for every month. We will be soon sharing information on the first day of summer and the first day of autumn as well.

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A completely illuminating moon is a natural phenomenon that everyone loves to watch. Besides its aesthetic value, the full moon is also very important in every culture. It has a great astrological significance. As per scientists, the full moons and waning moons also have an impact on our emotions. Many cultural and religious rituals are followed on the full moon day. Hence, keep visiting us every month to know when is the next full moon 2017.

Full Moon Dates 2017

Do you want to know when is the next full moon of 2017? Here is a complete list for the whole year.

When Is the Next FullMoon Dates

·  12th January 2017
·  11th  February 2017
·  12th March 2017
·  11th April 2017
·  10th  May 2017 
·  9th June 2017 
·  9th July 2017
·  7th August 2017
·  6th September 2017  
·  5th October 2017
·  4th November 2017 
·  3rd December 2017 

During the full moon and blue moon, the moon meets various phases. All these phases are also known by different names. The most common moon phases are waning, waxing, half, halves, and blue moon.

Keep visiting nextfullmooncalendar and stay updated on the dates of full moons. 

next full moon

Waning Moon

The waning moon is a phase of moon cycle when the illumination is reduced day by day. The moon cycle is moving towards the dark or new moon. The waning moon is also known as waning gibbous and waning crescent. Gibbous is the phase when the moon decreases after the full the moon day.
The crescent moon phase is the phase when the moon is visible for the last time before the new moon or dark moon.

Waxing Moon

The opposite phase of the waning is the waxing phase. It happens when the moon starts catching up its illumination after the dark moon.  

The nextfullmoon will be bringing interesting information on full moon days. Stay with us to know different rituals and festivals related to the full moons. Till then, keep visiting us to know when is the next full moon 2017. Also, consider checking for best wedding anniversary wishes. 

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When Is The Next Full Moon

Next Full Moon Dates and Time

Full moon occurs once a month and the last full moon of year 2015 is fortunately on the day of Christmas, 25th December at 6.11 AM as per European standard time. This post is dedicated to let you know when is the next full  moon. We have shared in this post the dates of next full moons of 2016 for all the months. Millions of people look for the dates of next full moons to perform their special traditional and religious observations. Especially the first full moon of the year is considered very significant in many cultures. You can also check out some interesting traditions of Chinese New Year at our site.

Scientifically, full moon is that  phase of moon when moon is seen completely illuminated from earth. However lunar eclipses occur only when the Moon passes through the shadow of Earth. Full moons are also said to have impact on behaviour and emotions of human beings as well other creatures, though there are no scientific evidences of it.

Full Moon Dates 2016

Here we have listed all the dates when the next full moons are going to occur in the year 2016. You can refer to this page every month when you are looking for the next full moons.

When is the Next FullMoon Dates

·  24th January 2016
·  22nd February 2016
·  23rd March 2016
·  22nd April 2016 
·  21st May 2016 
·  20th June 2016 
·  20th July 2016 
·  18th August 2016 
·  16th September 2016  
·  16th October 2016 
·  14th November 2016 
·  14th December 2016 

As per the changing phases of moon, the particular look of moon cycle has acquired numerous names like waning moon, waxing moon, harvest moon, half moon, blue moon etc. Lets us also share what are waning moons and waxing moons in our further sections.

Full Moon 2016 Dates & Time

next full moon

Waning Moon

The waning moon is the phase of moon cycle when the moon's illumination is decreasing day by day. Hence the waning moon is always less than the half illuminated moon. The moon cycle during this phase is moving towards New Moon or Dark moon from the full moon and subsequently from half moon. 

However there are two different names for Waning Moon too i.e. Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. Waning Gibbous is the phase of moon cycle when moon starts decreasing immediately after the full moon phase, while Waning crescent is the last visible moon just before the New Moon or Dark moon. 

Waxing Moon

Waxing phase of moon is just opposite of Waning moon. Waxing moon occurs when moon starts growing its illumination for us. We can also refer waxing moon as moon getting larger in size. Waxing crescent moon is the phase just after Dark Moon and Waxing Gibbous refers to moon that is very  large and illuminated but little than the full moon. Waxing gibbous is more noticeable for us as it far way from sun at this phase. 

You can also refer to online tools to track moon tonight and moon phases for particular month or specific days. Online lunar calendars can give you details on how the moon will be on the particular day of the month. However we have already shared complete list of full moon 2016 with the exact time and dates.

We are sure your liking our informative posts on when is the next full moon, when is the Chinese New  Year and different calendars of the world. Keep visiting our site as we will be soon updating our site with Arabic calendar, Islamic calendar and hijri calendar 2016. 

When Is Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Dates

Looking to know when is Chinese New Year 2016? Chinese New Year means the first day of the fresh year as per the Chinese Calendar which is different from the Georgian calendar and is widely followed in China. The New Year of China is also know as Spring festival or Lunar New Year. Every fresh year is symbolized by an animal's zodiac sign. You must have already referred the full moon calendars and full moon phases at our site. This post is dedicated to bring interesting details with dates of Chinese New Year 2016. 8th February 2016, Monday is the day when Chinese New Year will be celebrated.

As soon as the Christmas and New Year celebrations get over, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore are getting laced up for the Chinese New Year celebrations, shopping and festive fun activities. Spring festivals are also observed during the time of this New Year in these East Asian countries. The celebrations of Chinese New Year continue for two days i.e. know as Chuvi and Chuxi; meaning first day of New Year and last day of previous year. The last day of the year is celebrated as Chinese New Year Eve.

Click here for:
Full Moon January 2016

Chinese New Year Traditions

However the celebrations start weeks before. If you are from other continent or other part of the world, it would be very interesting for you to know their way of celebrations and traditions and how they differ from celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

  • New Year Eve Dinner

The highlight of the Chinese New Year 2016 is the New Year Eve Dinner which all Chinese families enjoy together. The dinner is mainly consist of delicious food, fish and dumpling.

  • Celebration with Fireworks

Fireworks signify driving away the ill omens and evil spirits in China. People celebrate coming of New Year by using fireworks at 12.00 when the fresh year arrives. A myth goes in China that a beast known as Year is frightened of firework and to drive him away, the fireworks are lighted.

  • Chinese New Year Decorations

The cute adornments used for decorations are red in colour and catches eye of anyone at once. The whole of Chinese malls, markets, airports and stations are all decked with red and gold lanterns and red plants and flowers.

happy chinese new year 2016

Chinese New Year Animals

The Chinese New Year 2016 belongs to the zodiac sign of Monkey or Fire Monkey. Each animal zodiac sign has its own features and Monkey epitomizes smartness, cleverness and intelligence in their wealth and profession. The people with monkey zodiac sign are believed to be quick witted and vibrant as well honest.

Monkey is at the ninth position in the Chinese zodiac signs which is consisted of 12 animals; namely, Rat - Ox - Tiger - Rabbit - Dragon - Snake - Horse - Goat (Sheep) - Monkey - Rooster - dog - Pig. One sign dominates every year as Monkey is for 2016. The year 2015 was of Sheep.

chinese new year traditions

Chinese New Year Calendar

According to the Chinese New Year Calendar, the first day of the year is the new moon day of the first lunar month. The Chinese follow lunar calendar and their first lunar month is the second of Western Calendar one after the winter solstice. Every year, the Chinese New year falls during end of January or early February. In fact Chinese calendar merges lunar, color-animal and solar counting system. The lunar system is for calculating months, the solar is for solar months for agri activities and the colour animals count single solar day.

We are sure you loved these interesting facts and traditions of Chinese new year. The post is also to check out when is Chinese New Year 2016 and the Zodiac animal for the new Chinese year. Keep visiting us for dates and details of lunar calendar, Islamic calendar, full moon phases and also to know when is the next full moon. 

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Full Moon January 2016

Full Moon Phases January 2016

As we have already shared the complete full moon calendar for the year 2016, its now time to check specifically the full moon January 2016 dates and time in major cities of the world. You can also refer our site for different moon cycles, moon phases and to know what is full moon and blue moon. The full is a significant astronomical event but has great traditional and cultural importance too in almost all countries of the world. The full moon January 2016 will be the second full moon after the December solstice 2015.

Moon phases play a significant part in impacting our moods and atmosphere. Find below the exact timings and date for full moon phases of full moon January 2016. At the time of occurrence of full moon, the moon is at extreme opposite of the sun in its orbit. The nights of the full moon are most illuminated. Lots of traditions and rituals are being followed worldwide on full moon nights.

When Is The Full Moon 

The full moon is going to occur on 24th January or 23rd as per time difference in different parts of world. Find below when the full moon will occur in major regions of the world. Many festivals are also scheduled depending upon the date of the full moon. 

The full moon as per UTC will occur on 24th January 2016. You can calculate your regional timing accordingly if following places do not cover your location.

23rd January 2016 Full Moon Timings

  • 5.46 PM - San Francisco, Vancouver and Los Angeles (PST timings)
  • 8.46 PM - Atlanta, Toronto and New York (EST timings)
  • 6.46 PM - Calgary, Denver and Salt Lake City (MST timings)
  • 7.46 PM - San Antonio, Chicago and Houston (CST timings)

24th January 2016 Full Moon Time
  • 3.46 AM - Istanbul, Helsinki and Athens (EET timings)
  • 5.46 AM - Muscat, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (GST timings)
  • 7.16 AM - Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai (IST timings)

Full moons are also believed to be effecting our physiological reactions and activities beside being significant in cultural and astronomical terms.

next full moon

Phases of Moon

To understand the full moon, you need to go through the phases of moon. Below are the different phases of moon or moon cycle. The full moon January 2016 is the moon phase that will be followed by waning moon phase.

  • New Moon or Dark Moon 
  • Waxing crescent 
  • Half Moon 
  • Waxing Moon 
  • Full Moon 
  • Waning Moon
  • Third quarter 
  • Waning crescent 
The first quarter moon phase comes immediately after new moon phase when moon starts growing gradually and bringing full moon. the Full Moon phase is also called the full moon of the lunar month. It symbolizes energy, attraction and richness and is also inspiring our artists and poets since ages.

After waning crescent again the New moon phase is back. We will be posting more information on full moon timings and dates as well lunar calendars. You will also meet interesting details and dates of all equinoxes and solstices. After this write-up on full moon January 2016, we will be soon coming with all timings and dates for full moon may 2016. 

Full Moon 2016

Full Moon Calendar 2016

Want to know when is the next full moon 2016 going to occur. Get ready to meet wonderful information on next full moons, blue moon and all full moon phases. First of all we have listed in this post all the full moon dates and complete dates and time for full moon 2016 calendar.

We have shared here the complete Full Moon 2016 Calendar for your reference with exact date and time as per CET.

full moon calendar 2016

Full Moon Dates

Find below all the full moon dates for year 2016 with exact timings and day. However the timings are CET and you can calculate it as per your time difference with Central European Time.

  • 24th January 2016, Sunday   2:45:48 AM
  • 22nd February 2016 Monday 7:19:54 PM
  • 23rd March 2016 Wednesday 1:00:54 PM
  • 22nd April 2016 Friday 7:23:42 AM
  • 21st May 2016 Saturday 11:14:30 PM
  • 20th June 2016 Monday 1:02:24 PM
  • 20th July 2016 Wednesday 12:56:35 AM
  • 18th August 2016 Thursday 11:26:36 AM 
  • 16th September 2016 Friday 9:05:06 PM 
  • 16th October 2016 Sunday 6:23:06 AM
  • 14th November 2016 Monday 2:52:06 PM
  • 14th December 2016 Wednesday 1:05:36 AM

Moon Cycle

Moon Cycle refers to sequences in which moon changes its position according to its orbit around the earth. Moon cycle is also known as lunar cycle. The moon cycle consists of New Moon or Dar Moon, Waxing crescent Moon, Half Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon, third quarter, waning crescent and back to the first moon phase of New Moon.

We will be bringing more interesting facts for full moon phases, when is next full moon and blue moon 2016. Keep visiting us for full moon 2016 calendar date and times, moon cycles and lunar calendar.